Kilimanjaro Routes
Kilimanjaro routes – choosing a Mount Kilimanjaro trekking route
Choosing a Kilimanjaro route, which will satisfy your personal requirements as well as contribute towards your eventual summit success, is important.

Factors which should be carefully considered includes:

  • A Kilimanjaro routes comparison in terms of a of an authentic wilderness experience
  • Kilimanjaro routes distances and trekking costs for each route
  • The Kilimanjaro routes success rates and best possible summit prospects
  • The possibility of additional days for a safer extended acclimatisation on each trekking route

Below follows a brief summarized comparison of all the current Kilimanjaro routes. For more detailed information regarding each of these Mount Kilimanjaro routes, including routes distances and route success rates, please refer to our detailed and comprehensive routes descriptions under the main link bar above.